Day 13 – I’m heading home

My time on this trek has come to an end. At noon I’ll jump on a San Francisco bound train. It will take about 9 hours.


  • Enjoyed seeing the Missions. I prefer the older non fully restored missions. I can feel the past a bit more.
  • Walking along the California coast is special. Views that go forever. Cool weather & nice little cities.
  • Camping at the Beaches is easy. The sound of the ocean aids failing asleep.


  • Sun – it’s always there. Sunscreen works but I felt burnt regardless
  • Long Day’s walking along the road. Too much noise, dust, cars, and at times limited housing options.
  • Cost – compared to a Camino walk it easily 3x more.
  • No other pilgrims to be found.

So, for this trip I’m signing off. Once it’s safe to travel international I’ll be back on another trek 😁

My walking companion David was a supportive constant source of fun & joy. The most valuable part of this trip was his friendship. Thank you!

Don’t think he reads my blog therefore I can get away with praise like this. Prove me wrong 😁

Day 12

Started my day in Carpinteria camp ground. Had a good night’s sleep listening to the ocean.

We walked along 101. Sometimes near the ocean while other times on the other side of the freeway. Nice weather, clear views of the ocean and nice weather.

Walked in Santa Barbara. I have some find memories of when I lived here. Good everything from beach, work, and friends.

Once again I’m have trouble loading images. Need to move to new platform.

David & Dave at Mission San Barbara

David & Dave @ Mission Santa Barbara

Day 11

Today started like any other day on the trail. Up early, took an Uber to the Mission and then food & trail.

Today’s walk was for the most part along the ocean. Air cool and damp. Views that lasted a life time.

El Camino Real sign
David & Dave

Day 10

We are making excellent time. We are averaging ~20 miles per day. Not it’s sustainable. I remain hopeful.

We spent the day walking along highway 118. Long, straight, and way too many trucks & cars. Our reward was checking out the farm & what’s been planted.

Call box

I thought these were a thing of the past.

Day 9

Long but rewarding walk today. Spent the morning walking over Santa Susana Pass. Once we were heading done we meet up with a Trail Angel Maggie. She shared kind words and support.

We lunched at a nice taco place. Staff there was delighted to support our walk and allowed us to seat outside and take a break from standing.

Day 8

What a day. Started with a 14 miles walk to the Mission San Fernando Rey De Espana. A nice well restored grounds with a museum. After our visit we enjoyed a few street tacos. We walked a total of 25 today. Tomorrow we are trying for 20 miles.

Bob Hope & Wife resting place

Day 7

One week into this trek and my feet are improving due to new shoes. David pushed me to get a new pair. And they are great. Happy feet are a blessing.

David & Dave at Mission San Gabriel Archangel

We started our day with a 4 mile walk.

At the mission we were meet by Terri Huerta, Director of Development & communication. She spend easily an hour giving us a tour of the closed mission. The mission is closed due renovation. What a informative and in-depth history of the mission. Spotted a grape vine that was planted in 1779.

Walking on we went through South Pasadena. My youngest daughter was born there. My CA kid.

The houses in this area are unreal. One bridged a creek. One build a pool using the creek. One house looked like the house in Steve Martin’s movie Father of the Bride.

Even enjoyed a Tommy Burger. My fav

While walking someone drove by and yelled, “Buen Camino”.

Day 6

It’s was a walk in LA. I’m finding it hard to write my day. It’s was nice in that I’m walking on a trip that is going to be very rewarding in the future. The current walk is just that and nothing more.

Day 6

What a day! We started a bit late thanks to me sleeping a bit late. Something new

Not much interesting to report. The day was just a nice pleasant day. For the most part we spent probably half the day on a bike trail. It was a rails to trails project clearly.

Birdhouse collection
Plaque commemorating this cities involvement in the mission trail

Day 5

A long day. Well over 20 miles.

We started with a short walk and a meet up with my friend Tom Phelan. Haven’t seen him in way too long. It was good to see him.  He’s walking a bunch.  He looks great and he invited us down as soon as it’s safe to travel again.

It was a bit sad to walk through the Disney area without tourist. All the empty hotels, not one in the restaurants, and just sadness.

Found our first real dirt path. Think happy feet. Meet a lady & daughter on the trail. She walked the Camino Frances in 2002(3?). She expressed how much easier it must be with all our technology. Yes, it’s easier but we end up carrying way too much. Your base Yin & Yang.

Next couple we meet at a lake shared lots of interesting stories. He was a PCT angle sharing food hikers. Too cool. I hope our chat helped him commit to finding a walk that’s right for them.

Dinner was at Jerry (a Mission host). I need to finish this part tomorrow. Sleepy tonight.

A classic Camino picture

Day 4

It was a very long day. A 20 miler.   We started our day in Dana Point. Breakfast at one of my favorite restaurant with way too much character.

We walked for the most part along PCH. Way to many pasta rockets & noise. Beach views are worth the walk.

A friend asked me to contrast the Camino francais and the California mission walk. the best answer is to say there is no comparison. The Camino Francis is a community of pilgrims walking to a cathedral with a complete and full infrastructure to support them. An example is the hostiles or cafes every 3 km, support services but lots of happy pilgrims.

This is California mission walk. We will walk to the 21 missions in California. It’s an over 800 mile walk and it will take David and I about 50 days to complete. We are the only walkers – no other happy pilgrims. Most look at us like a new type of home. Happy welcoming faces are hard to find. Not sure it covid related. We are walking through LA. I mean it’s LA. Not some small remote village in the country.

I’m not here seeking spiritual comfort. I just walking and enjoying the Missions as I can.

Day – 3

Started the day in San Clemente. Walked a few hours to Dana Point for breakfast. Nice start to my day. Walking along the beach. Ocean smells & cool overcast weather.

After after breakfast we had a delightful walk up to the San Juan Capistrano Mission. We shared the path was bicyclers and ladies out strolling their kids.

The San Juan Capistrano mission is one of my favorites. It’s in the process of full restoration. They have instituted covid virus safety protocols and therefore I felt reasonably safe.

Lunch was at John’s fish House. I remember the food being better.

We were able to find tent camping grounds at doheny beach. Tents are set up I need to go find the code for the shower room once again.

Day 2 – till the end

Well as you saw in the earlier post found all my missing cards & documents. A good start to the day

For the most part we walked along the Beach.  Excellent cool weather and gray skies. Love the beaches along the way.

We decided to bypass camp Pendleton for we could not figure out how to walk through the camp.

After visiting Mission San Luis De Francis in Oceanside. The Executive Director Gwyn Grimes offered us a ride to Best Buy. Nice 😁

I was able after trying ever card I had and everyone was declined. Yup, I cancelled all of them yesterday. The only card I have that works is a visa/debit. I’ll get by.

Spending the night in a low cost motel. I’m okay with that.

Medical update: three blisters. After trip to drug store all medical needs addressed. Plus, David is helping me with eating better. I think he knows his stuff. A blessing.

One more item of note I now have a new phone. You should see more pictures.

Day 1

Okay, not my best trek start. Lost my driver’s license, money, and credit cards. Called all the place it could be but not much. Smile returned to my face bonce we started walking.

Pam, from FB California Mission walker. She endured we stepped off in a positive direction. Pam stayed with us till after lunch.

Once on our own we just followed the book somewhat and at some point realized we were heading up hill when in fact we could have stay closer to the beach. Maybe not the real trail but who’s counting.

Other trying news my phone’s battery is effective dead. I need either a new battery or a new phone. It will works it self out or David leaving me 😁

Tomorrow is going to be a much better day. I’m sure.

San Diego Mission

Check out my walking activity on Garmin . #beatyesterday

Packing 99%

Okay, picked up a few last minute items. Still second pair of light weight flippers.

First weight check without water or food can in at 14 lbs. Sweet.

Spend a few minutes this morning with trekking partner sharing my pre-trip freakout. I miss him well on this trip. A few more of my freakouts might end this journey 😁

Tomorrow get boarding pass & shoes. Get to sleep early & David’s house at 5:00 am on Thursday.

Getting ready for a major hike

Hello, once again I’m heading on a pilgrimage. Thursday June 25th I fly to San Diego to walk the California Mission Walk. I’ll be covering over 700 miles visiting 21 mission. Most guide books call this pilgrimage to take 56 days. I’m think 50 is a better number.

I’ll be posting my itinerary here shortly. I’m still in the packing stage of this effort. Had to get a new tent (we’ll be camping as we can), pad, and few other minor items.

Oh, yes, this time I’m walking with a friend, David Lem. He and his wife have completed the Camino Frances. David last year walked around Lake Tahoe. Too cool. I’m trying to add that one to my list of trips one day.

Stay tuned. A plus is that I know a few folks alone the way. Hope they can walk a bit with him.