Caminha to Mougás

What a nice day. Last night was weird. Stayed in one room of a house shared with other people. Never bumped into them but could hear them. Not my style. Plus, I had to take a taxi for food. None the worst for the experience.

Today I started around 6:30ish. Walked a mile or two to the ferry building. Ferry did operate until 9 so as I was asking about the ferry the gal said the small boat is about to leave. 5€ later I was seating on the small boat with 3 other pilgrims.

Once to the other side 10 or so minutes later. I started walking with Hannah from Germany. A young gal who works as an anesthesiologist RN. We shared stories all day. Enjoyed coffee & food. Nice day talking. Time went quick.

It was overcast all day but the lack of sun made the walk a bit easier.

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