Camino Frances

Day 33

I’m in Finisterra at the hotel. I still have 3 km to the end of the world.


This picture says it all. Take a close look at the numbers. I’m done. The next step I took was towards home.

In a few months I hope to understand and grok what I did. I’m still to close to it to truly understand.

Heading home tomorrow. I take a bus from Finisterra in the morning to Santiago. Over night in Santiago. Take the train from Santiago to Barcelona on Tuesday. I have Wednesday free to tour Barcelona. On Thursday I fly non stop to Oakland.

I will stop blogging as my agenda is simple. I see nothing worth writing about.

Some closing thoughts:

This a unique experience. It’s not like any other thing I’ve done. I have backpacked on the east & west coasts. But never walked this much in one effort.

The Camino, to me, is the people you meet. Staying in the albergues allows you to interact with people from all over the world. With different backgrounds and goals. Some are lost and seeking an answer. Other, like me, want to define a transition. Some for religious reasons others non-religious reasons. Some just enjoy walking with friends There are a thousands why’s.

There’s lots of solitude. Time to think and refection. You walk alone if you want or not.

If by blogging I have inspired you to think about walking/biking the Camino then I’ve been rewarded. And if invited to join you I’ll be there.

I will be back. The Camino fits my soul.

Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim


Day 32

A nice walk today. A mix of blacktop and hilly trails.


Walked past Paul while he was in a cafe. I missed it. Oops. We hook up at the next cafe. Only cost me his lunch.


We stopped in a town called “Hospital”. Not a name folks like me acceptable.


We have only 27k tomorrow. Then I’m done. Kinda sad a bit. For I have enjoyed this more then words, my words that is, can explain.


Tomorrow, end of the world!


Day 31

Restful night at the hostel. Off to an early start. We left at 6:20. It was going to be a long day and it was.

First, my feet and legs did not want to cooperate. Lots of pain and stiffness. Within an hour all was back to normal.

Nice walk in the hills.


Not much in the way of services. First cafe was 7k and the second one was another 7k.

Of interest was the small number of pilgrims. Almost none compared to before Santiago. I think I saw only one in the AM.


Another bad internet albergue. Sorry all.


Day 30

A day of rest and reflection.


Those who said, “I love you”:

Natalia – my loving and supportive wife.

Barbara – sister. Will not allow me to get off a call without saying this.

Katie & Franny – my wonderful kids. I wish one day they would walk this path and learn as I have.

Camino brother

Paul – I have enjoyed his navigation and friendship so much. A true friend and companion.

The Teacher

Marion – can’t say enough good things about her. She was always 1 to 2 days behind however we chatted via WhatsApp.

Tech support and constant contact

Bill. Always willing to help and check in on me almost daily. Thanks for being there.

Foot doctor & data source:

Ione – the voice in my head saying “take care of your health and it’s not a race”

Good friends who shared kind words

Almost too many to list but …

Steve and Marie

Rich and Jacki



Andrea & Sergei

All my FB buddies who “liked” and or left comments.

And all those reading my blog. I know you’re here & enjoying.

My day

Breakfast and laundry. Back to pilgrim office for details on how to get to Finisterra.

Went to the pilgrim service. Saw the swinging of the botafumeiro. That was special. Sat with the two sisters from the Czech Republic.


Good to see them again. Once again we just laughed about nothing.

Tomorrow I’m off again. Yahoo!

Day 29

I’m in Santiago. Walked for 26k. A weird day in that the way was very crowded. Lots of pilgrims on the road. More in one sighting then other whole days.


It started raining on the way in town. Found the pilgrim office. My wait was 1 hour but well worth it. The gal that helped me was from Dublin, CA. S all world.

I’m here for the next two days then off to Finisterra. A small town on the coast. Also called “the end of the world” in olden days. It’s a 3 day walk.

I need to be in Barcelona on the 25 for return flight.


As it’s was raining the other day I was reminded of walking to elementary school in the rain. I had to wear a yellow slicker and rubber boots. All as chiclets had to wait for the mother hen to let us cross the street. Wasn’t there another color? A different style? Anything other then looking like the rest? No wonder in middle school and high school when it rain I arrived wet.


Day 28

Left hotel at 7:00. A bit later then normal but not getting lost in the dark & rain is a plus. Note, it was not raining today but tomorrow who knows.

Not much to report to day. We just walked. Stopped in this nice church. Got my stamp and moved on.


Lunch was albondigas (meatballs). Not very tasty but I needed the protein.


I’m less then 27k to Santiago. Tomorrow I’ll arrive. Should a great day however I’ll miss the pilgrim service. I’ll need to attend on my way back.


Day 27

What a day. Some lows and some highs.

Day starts at 6:15 and rain. On goes the rain gear and headlight. Think I’m following the path however after about ~30 minutes or so I’m looking at the front door of the hotel again. Darn.

With the help of my tech I made better progress.

First breakfast a bit later then normal but okay.

Walking in the rain continues. Stopped at a nice church. Light a candle, said a pray, and felt better.



Met a pilgrim friend from a few weeks ago. He got sick and had to stop for a few days. Aron walks super fast. Was a surprise to see him again.

After lunch he was gone, again.

Rain stopped and I spent the afternoon chatting with two sisters from the Czech Republic. Dasha (spelling could be wrong) and Kristina. Can’t tell you what we talked about but we laughed the whole time. We stop for a drink, they caught up and we shared more funny stories. Hope to see them again.

Staying in nice hotel in Melinda.

Tomorrow the weather should be better.

Heard from my youngest daughter. Wanted to know how my phone was working here. Project Fi from Google just works in most countries just like home. Great for those that travel internationally.

Day 26

The day started in the rain. Walked a short distance to a cafe for breakfast. Meet a gal from the other day. She was from Homer, AK. She was not feeling well but was going to push on. I like that spirit.

Last night had dinner with a gal from the bay area. She viewed the Camino as a river. She would drop her issues into it and they’d just wash away. I like that view if this pilgrimage. I tried it today.

Rain stopped hut started again. This time I wore my rain paints. All was good.


Nice church.


Day 25

Hard to believe but been 25 days on the Camino.

Day started at 6:20 am with lots of wind. We headed down hill at a nice decent. Not too hard.


Sunrise was great


We walked to a small cafe for breakfast. Eggs & ham. Note, I’m still drinking tea to be on the safe side. No trips to the bushes with tea.


Lots of folks drinking the water here. Not I.


We are near the 100k zone. Every day we have to get two stamps in our Credential del Peregrino.


I have a second one for this one is almost full.

It’s official my walking shoes have over 500 miles on them. Still working great. I’ll get them again.


Day 24

Okay things are out of order. You will find two GPS pointers back to back. Yesterday’s written update did not take. No internet or cell signal.

Update – today was great. Took off at 6:45ish. Still dark. Walked to first open cafe. Eat an egg & potato dish with tea. Coffee and I are not currently friends. Will not share details. Let’s just leave as it’s not good.

Walked up hill on a nice trail.


Arrived at this great church. Note the different style. First time I’m seeing domes at the entry way.


Heading down the hill there was wind in my face and it was a bit cool. Loved it. Reminded me of other walks I’ve taken.

Met a gal from Auburn, CA. Good to chat with someone from my area of the world. We share lots of the same interests. Sad part was she lost her walking buddy. She had been walking with a lady from Homer, AK. The other gal’s phone was not working. The last time our paths crossed I think she had a plan to reconnect.


Day 23

No internet per se therefore I’ll add pictures later. Maybe the bar down the street has something better than the albergue. We’ll see.

Day started with a light rain. Decided to only wear rain jacket. Big mistake. Within one hour it was raining hard and sideways. Should have put on the rain pants. Next time.


Once the rain stopped it was a nice day. Long walk but enjoyable.

Bumped into Lukas from Germany. He is almost done with his law degree. We saw him two weeks ago and shared a coffee. He when his own way. How did he catch me? He took a bus for part of the Camino. To each his own.


Day 23

No internet per se therefore I’ll add pictures later. Maybe the bar down the street has something better than the albergue. We’ll see.

Day started with a light rain. Decided to only wear rain jacket. Big mistake. With one hour it was raining hard and


Day 22

Today’s was mostly urban walking. Maybe 70% blacktop and sidewalks. My feet are tired. Plus a bit of scary in the dark down hill rock scrambling.


Nice bridge this morning. Sorry to say I did not get a picture of the castle in Ponfrada.

Did however have a nice walk and chat with some folks from US and Italy. Younger folks having a blast. Walking and drinking wine.

Tomorrow could be my first day if rain. Could be an interesting day.


Day 21

What a great day. Back to walking the mountain trails.


The day started with breakfast at the B&B I stayed at. The keeper spoke no English and my Spanish is almost the same. But we eat well.


Spent time under the protection of a Knights Templar and his attack bird. I felt safe (ha ha).


Throw my stone from home and lighted my burden both literal and figuratively.


Looking forward to more great time in the mountain passes.


Day 20

Very nice day’s walk. Almost 30k today. Back into rolling hills and more green, trees and such.

Started the day at 2c. A bit cold for me but it is what it is.


Health update:

Feet = Doing great. No blisters or rock bruises. A great pair of shoes.

Legs = well oiled machine. Not as tired as I expected after the mileage I’ve put on them.

Other parts = with one exception all doing great. Had some bad water a few days back. Took some USA meds. Doing better but I’m still watchful.

Passed a Gaudi design Church.


Need to do a bit of research on this one. Interesting.



Day 19

Today was just walking out of Leon. Mostly light industry and from road. I have only 4 pictures. Most not worth sharing.


Interesting church with some nest on the top.


Some walking through this tree area. Nice.



Scrabble was the glue in my family.

A visit to Mom’s house included many things. Great southern breakfast of sausage and biscuits. Coffee of course.

Followed by 18 holes of par 3 golf. Lunch at the Sea Captains. A restaurant that all seniors and their families enjoyed. This place was right on the beach. Note, my mom spent 30 years or so living with in Myrtle Beach.

After lunch back home for rest.

Dinner was home made. Nothing special except it was made from home grow ingredients and love.

After dinner Scrabble was required. All must play.

My mom’s history with Scrabble matched the age if my youngest daughter. Mom came to help with the birth of my second child. She was with us for almost 4 weeks. Therefore I taught my mom to play.

At first she was happy with 1 to 2 letter word. I can assure you this did not last. 30 years later she was always looking for 7 letter words. A true competitor was born.

Scrabble keep the family around the table. Not in front of the TV. We continued to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

Family secret. WE CHEAT. First everyone had a Scrabble dictionary and would use them openly.

Secondly, I would at times find mom with 8 tiles. Oops, how did that happen?

Third, passing tiles under the table. Only clue this happened was smiles out of place. The hardest cheat to catch.

At my mom’s service my youngest daughter made a picture of a Scrabble board with the characters spelling, “I love you Nanny.” She would have loved that.

My mom’s first name was Kathryn. Same as my first daughter. When I get back to Washington I’m going to hide a scrabble “K” letter near her and say “Your move.”  I’ll be happy.



Day 18

Short walk in farm land. Mostly suburban and urban. I’m in Leon. Stop to see the cathedral. Very nice stained glass will.


Very hard to capture it’s true grandeur. However, it was moving.

Walked through old town. Fun but as it’s Saturday it was crowded.


After spending so much time in the smaller towns I find I like them better. More friendly people. Normal I’m sure.

Staying in a hotel on the outskirts of Leon. Will be out of the city early tomorrow.



Day 17

Each day is becoming the same. Up before dawn, shoulder my burden, and walk till it’s light. First breakfast, walk, second breakfast, and walk. This part of my pilgrimage is trying to say the least.


This should help you understand. This was a highlight.


More Hobbit houses.

I think tomorrow will be the last day of the meseta. If it is I’ll share a video of me dancing.


My friend Chela

Spent the day thinking about my friend Chela. She is a early 30 something blind lady I met on the bus.

I would share my funny stories with her and she laughed at all of them. She has a funny bone a mile wide. I liked that about her.

When escorting her off the bus I would say in a loud voice, “Big step, big step young lady”. I had the feeling she faced lots of big steps in her life.

Once, when I was nearing the end of my working career, we decided to skip our normal train and go get coffee. As we walked along I had to take her off the blacktop and I said, “we’re going off roading”. We both laughed.

This part is just for her and let’s not “harp” on it. I know she will laugh when she reads that. It’s an inside joke.

One more note, we both have mad skills.

I do miss my time with her.

When I get home I’ll find a way to once again have coffee with her.


Day 16

Basically, more of the same. Open farm land, flat, and a mix of blacktop & gravel trail.


I did pass what looks like Hobbit town. It appears some of the people live underground. I assume for coolness (cold).


I’m now over halfway there. I saw a sign saying ~370km till Santiago. Not sure that makes me happy. I’ll have think more about that.

The day was a bit more trying in that Natalia is now home. Knowing she us enjoying our house makes me a bit envious.


That’s of the different trail markers you will find. Wish there was such a marker in other parts if my life and career.


Pre Camino anxiety

Man, this is a long list of issues.

1. Traveling alone to a country you don’t speak the language. Plus outside of tourist areas. Are you nuts?

[Fact] Stayed at an albergue where the keeper spoke no English. I was still able to get a bed, dinner, and a beer.

2. What if it did not train enough?

[Fact] People of all shapes and sizes and training are here. I trained more then some. And after 15 days which cares about training.

3. What us all my plans are wrong. Plane, hotel, train, and everything else?

[Fact] They all worked. Note, I do not have return plans yet but that was by design.

4. What if, what if, and what if?

[Fact] I’m trying to get rid of those thoughts this trip.

Message to self. Do It! Regardless of the “what if’s”. You are a smart capable person with skills. You can do this. 300,000 people do this ever year. Soon you will be one if them, too. That thought makes me happy.




Day 15

Wow – I’ve been on the trail for more then 2 weeks. Each day is different, yet at some level the same. A day in the life of a pilgrim has route. But the road changes, the weather changes, and my view of my world changes.

Today was more of open fields, flat black top, and gravel road.

Cold in the morning and then it became windy. Shared with Paul the “Only advise I can give you is wear sunscreen” on YouTube. I hope he enjoys it. We have parted ways. He wants more km while I need a break. I hope to see him again. Super nice young man. Head on his shoulder works well.


I spent the day thinking about Rembrandt’s self portrait when he was old. It’s located in the national art museum in Washington DC. He had the ability to see himself as an old man. This is something I just can’t seem to do. I’m still just a young man in older clothing. Not sure who’s right.



Things I miss

1. Watching Natalia come out of the bedroom in the morning, hair wet from the shower, in her bathrobe and slippers, heading to make coffee.

2. In the evening curried up in her arms on the sofa pretending to watch TV.

3. Time with friends. Share a meal & conversation, a laugh or two. Or a call from a friend who’s voice is full of joy. A text about something we both share an interest in. Simple pleasures.

4. A full size towel. If you need ask you have not walked in my shoes 😁


Day 14

A better day for sure. Last night’s dinner with a group of folks from New Zealand. Enjoyed the talk. Food almost not eatable. Wine okay.

Today lots of maseta. Open farm land and long roads.


Stopped at one church. Donated and light a candle for my mother. Makes me happy.

Arrived in Carrion de Los Condes early. Made reservations the day before for this a busy stop. Next leg first stop 17km. No services including food. Need to shop tonight before sleep.

Day 13

Lost my glasses last night. All efforts to find them failed.

Lost GPS data. Watch and I are still having issues.

No internet at hostel so no pictures.

Trying day but tomorrow will be better 😁



Day 12

Just received a note from Steve & Marie. Reminded me of missed people and events. I’ll write about that soon.

Today early start and short walk out of Burgos. Big city not part of this trip.


The surrounding have changed. More open farm land and rolling hills.


Walked around 32k today. It was in error. I’m tired but in a nice place. Dinner of paia tonight at 7:00. Then sleep / rest.


These things at the end of my legs once called feet are now just a source of pain. Not sure if the shoes are wrong or it’s the distance or the road or what? It does not matter they hurt. That is till I sleep that is. 🥾


A pilgrim’s life

The other day a friend asked if I was bored with the long walks. A pilgrims life is any but boring.

It’s a life of routine within routine.

Mornings are up at 6:00, pack you bag and then looking for stuff you forget. Then out the door. We walk in the dark for some time hoping to find first breakfast.

We enjoy coffee Americano, a croissant, and some juice. Then we walk.

Walking is just that walking. It spend time with my thoughts. Share a story with other pilgrims. It’s time well spent.

Second breakfast is mostly like first breakfast. I like that. Time is not important. It comes when we find it.

Lunch is as we find. Not heavy if at all. By this time we are looking for a place to stay.

Once we locate an albergue, check in, get bed ready, shower, do laundry, and then get ready dinner.

Dinner is family style. You eat the food offered. It’s for the most part good but not very spicy. Dumbed down for the masses. We share stories; mostly why we are walking the Camino. People for the most part are from Europe & American. 60/40.

Then it’s post to blog, call family, or just relax till sleep finds me.

Then we repeat. Easy.

The long quite time walking is time to think. I spent time with family that’s departed. My broken parts. And missing my loving wife’s smile.

It’s the best time for a pilgrim like me.


Day 11

Short walk into Burgos. Mostly urban streets which hurt my feet. However spent the day at cathedral in Burgos. Wow, enjoyed the tour & audio.


Lots of religious art and statues.



Day 10

Side bar:

Thanks to Natalia, Barbara, Dana, Ione, Svetlana, Steve, and Bill for encouragement and sound advise. I am not reading comments. If you wish to communicate with me do so via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or IM (text).

Nice easy day. Started a bit late but made good progress. One small church worth seeing.


Spent most of the time walking through the woods.


Best picture of the day.



Day 9

Not sure what day it is really. It’s being to fell like ground hog day. There is some sameness to each day yet each one is different.

38+ km. Very long day. Knee a bit weak. But ibuprofen helping.

I’m in Belorado. Nice albergue for 6 €.

Highlight of the day the Church at Santo Domingo. Wow, just great.


Spent about 30 minutes walking around.

Found this bike wash in town. Too fun.


Waiting dinner and I’m too tired to think.


Day 8


What a great night’s sleep. Got in bed around 9:30. Did not get up or wake till 6:15. Weather was cool, too. First time on this trip.

Short day of limited miles / km. Needed after to 30 km day.

I’m in Azofra. Nice small town. They are in wine country.


Walked through a small City with nice looking church but could not find a way in.

Met Bob who lives out if this truck with wife. Hope to see him again near my home. Offered to walk Half Dome with him.


I’m still looking normal. I hear the closer to end one gets one gives up on their appearance.

I’m more happy that when I started. Hard to believe.


When the student is ready, the teacher will appear

I had only walked 3 or 4 hour when my teacher appeared. Marion was just the teacher I needed. She left her home in the Netherlands some 70+ days ago.

She helped me understand the ebb and flow of life on the Camino.

She shared concepts such as let your thoughts and emotions go where they want. Regardless of them being happy or sad. Enjoy the richness of the full spectrum of the human experience.

I shared with her my happy thoughts and the one that left me seeking comfort. We talked about important personal issues concerning life’s transitions. All thoughts were fair game to explore.

She call me a sweet man when I was at my weakest. I liked that.

Marion shared how to interact with other pilgrims. Share a kind word, seek to learn their story, and share a big smile.

Today we parted ways. She was not feeling well and some friends arrived.

I’ll miss her company, the lessons learned and her great smile.

When we meet again I will smile.



Day 7

I think. The days are running to each other. Today was lots of miles. Low on sights.

Was cool in the morning. Started before sun up.

Saw this church in Logrono. Really like the organ.


Not sure you can see it.


Pilgrims statue mid town.

Health, feet tired, big toe not looking good but should make it to the end.


The Camino will provide

Should you wake up tomorrow and think I want to walk the Camino. All you have to do is get yourself to St. Jean peid de port with desire and money.

They have everything you need for sell. Backpacks, hiking shoes, poles, tech clothing, and the other items needed.

HOWEVER, I would not recommend this approach. You would need to be in marathon shape.

Back on topic.

As I walked the Camino I have found food when needed, water when needed and housing when needed. Even medical needs have been met. I want for nothing.

Plus, my emotional needs are met too. When I need quiet think, it’s there. When I want to share a story, I find a pilgrim.

All need are being met. I’m happy.


Day 6

What delightful day. Started early as normal. Lots of cloud cover and for the most very gentle hills. I walked through open farm lands & vineyards.


Vineyards everywhere. I have not tried some of the grapes yet but will later. Saw that the first row was void of grapes. The pilgrims are enjoying them. Bite different style of growth


Lunch was at our final destination. Was able to get a shower, do laundry, and rest a bit. Waiting dinner at 7.



Day 5

Last nights stay was good. Over slept due to lack of snoring. 😁

We still left before sunrise. I enjoy the early morning weather. You can still feel the moisture and the light is soft on the eyes. The trail was off road and wide enough to walk side by side.


Lunch was in a small place. Food was okay but the view was excellent. We watched a bunch of kids learning kayaking.


Walking on was trying. It was 30 degrees and in the sun a bunch.

Found a great albergue for test, dinner, and breakfast.


Oh yes I enjoyed some free wine.


The burden

Each morning I pack my bag, I carry everything I need to reach Santiago except for food (buy on the way) and housing (albergues). Otherwise I’m self contained.

That’s the material burden. I’m carry all my other baggage. I’m hoping to leave some of my most trying problems on the trail. I’m trying to become the water in the river not the stone.


Day 4

Started my day at Cizur Menor. Left before sunrise due to getting up and going. First stop in a cute town for breakfast. Breakfast is normally some kinda of egg quiche, coffee and a chocolate croissant. You order in a bar kinda place.Within a bit we were at the site of my blog pictureThen more walking. Hope adding the gps data helps. Next site of interest was this bridge. Very cool.Forgot the place.  Health up date. Wearing knee brace, taking ibuprofen and if it’s part of my body it hurts. I hear this will go away short.Plus it was hot today.


You never walk alone

On the Camino you never walk alone. I feel the spirits of all that have gone before me with every step. It’s like a warm blanket on a cold day. As the other pilgrims pass by they share a smile and kind words of encouragement in their native language. “Buen Camino” an understanding shared by all.

As I struggle up the hills I feel as if I’m being pulled toward, not so much a destination, but an understanding. An understanding of my inner believes and relationship with my spiritual self.

Each day I grow more connected to myself. A deep feeling of freedom and inner peace.


3rd day

Left knee went South today. Hard time up and down hills. And there was a few in the AM. BUT, still a very nice day. Started walking around 7. Breakfast at 8 our door near a small river. Egg & cheese quiche.

Lots of up and down till we arrived in Pamplona. Fun walking through the city. Shared video of running of the bulldogs with Paul.

Nice lunch in a city park. Then we walk another 4 kilometers to this Cizur Menor.



2nd day

Short post. Battery low. Great day walking with friends. More later.


My bed & pack. At beer & dinner


At Roncesvalles

What a long trying day. Started at 5:45. Walked up hill for 1,000 miles. Okay not really but it was long. Started the day with a college student from N. Korea. About 8k stopped for coffee and started walking with Paul & Marion from Netherlands. Note, not related. Enjoyed chatting about walking the Camino. Marion was been walking fir 74 days. She left from home. Too cool. Tomorrow we will walk together again. That is if my work.



In St Jean

Loved the train ride. Meet two ladies who offered to share a taxis. Taxis ride was nice in that I was the way back to Pamplona. Hard to believe I’ll be back there in 3 days.Waiting for the albergue to open at 16:00. A few pictures for your enjoyment:




On train

Lots of waiting today. 1 hour for train. An hour or so for the bus. BUT once there I’m there I’ll be controlling when & where. Somewhat that is 😁


Leaving Barcelona

First day of real rain. Cats & dogs. Only short walk to train station. But lots of rain. Waiting for the gate to open. Pack back to normal. It’s a 3 hour ride to Pamplona. I’ll have lunch and then head over to bus station. All good. Looking forward to the walk.

picture will not load. Later I hope.



Norwegian air was nice 787 is always a nice ride. Airport needs updating but so many do.

Cab to downtown 33€. Wow, that a bit much. I think there is a train but did not look for that ahead of time

Found ATM, withdraw €400. Should last the week plus.

Train ticket for tomorrow is golden in that it’s a ticket not a promise of a ticket. Saint train station a few minutes walk from hotel.

So far all good. Eating lunch / dinner. Not going to last long tonight. No sleep on the flight. Such is life.


View from restaurant.


Okay post by email might not be working

Just sent email from airport. Not there yet.

So I’m at OAK waiting for flight.



Email posting is now working


Just tested posting via email and its work. Plus I tested with pictures and that working too. I’m ready to start blogging.

I leave Sunday at 4:00 pm from OAK. A non stop to Barcelona. Ten plus hours. Not bad really. Once there head to the hotel. Complete some last minute shopping. See a sight or two. Nice dinner, sleep, and then head over to the train station in the morning.

This has been in the planning stage for months now. Looking forward to starting this adventure.


Today’s update


I’ve been working on getting posts updated via email.   Installed postie and all appears to be working however no updates yet.  I’ll continue trying to get this up and running however do have a fallback plan.  I have just installed WP on my phone. Not the best way to provide updates with I assume that will work.


First Post

Folks,  I’ll be heading to Barcelona on Sunday Sept 16th. I arrive on Monday the 17th.  Overnight in Barcelona then head over to Pamplona via a 3 hour train ride.  Once there I bus over to St Jean De Port in France. Once there I be heading over to the Pilgrims information office.  They have all the latest information. Trail condition (is there snow on the pass). Plus albergue updates.

So first thing in the morning I start my pilgrimage.

I will try to update daily. Assume I’ll update mid afternoon.  Plus I’ll be posting Garmin data. Steps, map, and time information.

Here’s hoping all works well.