Day 1 – we walk from here!

We started walking around 6:20 this morning from Porto. For the first part of the morning we enjoyed a very calm and quiet walk. Not many of the locals around.

Truly did not see any pilgrims until mid morning. Then we started seeing groups of one or two.

The weather was outstanding. Slightly overcast and a bit on the cool side. Was glad that I had long pants and long sleeve on today.

The way I took us along the coastline. We had large boulevards and lots of ample walking space. Enjoyed seeing the locals bicycling walking pushing the kids walking the dogs.

The day just followed sort of a quiet calm natural rhythm. Paul and I shared stories and tried to stay away from talking politics.

It was nice to see the familys is out enjoying the beach.

I have attached a few of my favorite pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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