Day 2 – till the end

Well as you saw in the earlier post found all my missing cards & documents. A good start to the day

For the most part we walked along the Beach.  Excellent cool weather and gray skies. Love the beaches along the way.

We decided to bypass camp Pendleton for we could not figure out how to walk through the camp.

After visiting Mission San Luis De Francis in Oceanside. The Executive Director Gwyn Grimes offered us a ride to Best Buy. Nice 😁

I was able after trying ever card I had and everyone was declined. Yup, I cancelled all of them yesterday. The only card I have that works is a visa/debit. I’ll get by.

Spending the night in a low cost motel. I’m okay with that.

Medical update: three blisters. After trip to drug store all medical needs addressed. Plus, David is helping me with eating better. I think he knows his stuff. A blessing.

One more item of note I now have a new phone. You should see more pictures.

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