Day 5 – the long and winding road

Nice day started such that I would hit the harbor at 7:00 this morning. Yesterday I was told that the first boat over to Spain was at 7:00. However arriving at 7:00 we saw no boat and the boat didn’t show up until around 8:00 a.m.

Once we did arrive in Spain I realized that we’d lost another hour due to the time change. This day was sort of a rush because we like to get into our afternoon spot around 2:00 in the afternoon.  This allows us time to freshen up and relax before we eat dinner.

The trail today went through a little town which kind of nice. However most of the day we spend either walking on a road that paralleled the coast or on a foot path.

It’s was 32km day. I’m beat. Foot hurt. Tomorrow is a bit shorter. 5 or 6 days from how we’ll be in Santiago. Love that place.

Last night had dinner out on the public square. Food was acceptable but it was the company that made the evening special. We shared the evening with two ladies from Stuttgart Germany. We laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed the evening until around 10:00.

on the trail today I’m at Pilgrims from Italy Germany Spain and one particularly interesting gentleman from Poland. We talked about his work which was IT centric and my work which was computer-centric.

Need to add that I’m in Galicia Spain. This place takes excellent care of pilgrims.

A few pictures from the day

lunch – red tuna

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