Day 6 & 7 end of the journey


Started my 6th day in Vigo. Big industrial town. We started our day around sun up. Hotel provided breakfast.

First half of the morning we spent getting out of town. Blacktop and surface streets.

We entered a wooded area with excellent footpaths. I felt great and enjoying the walk. We parallel the river. The sights were very rewarding. We arrived at our hostel around 4. Time to take a critical look at my feet

After a long discussion with Paul and myself I decided to end this trip. Several of my blisters continued to grow. Not worth the risk to continue. Yes, I’m having to deal with that.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my friends this morning. It is still the right decision.

I’m waiting at the train station for the next train to Santiago. Once there I’ll spend 2 days resting. Plus, I have to get covid tested to return to the states.

On the plus side I spent time face to face with friends. Something I missed during the lockdown and lack of travel. So this trip was a success.

Note from Paul. “I don’t to blisters!”. Good advice yet most of us can’t follow. Seating around the dinner table last night I noted everyone except Paul was sporting some type of blister control. From tape to compeed

Notes to self:

  • Don’t use running shoes for long walks. They feel great on payment yet can’t handle the uneven parts
  • Train with weight before your walk. You will know if your shoes can handle you feet expanding.
  • Go ultralight. One change of clothes, personal hygiene products, and rain gear. Anything else you need will be there
  • The whole name of this game is shoes.
  • Take your own walking poles. Buying local is high risk or poor quality. Not worth it

So, I’m signing off. Glad I spent time with friends. Thinking about when I’ll see them again. So, yes, I’m happy.

Till we meet again 🙂

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