Major plan change

My third day on the Camino was the worst day trekking I’ve ever had. Between the heat and the sun and my blisters and the lack of services on the trail was too much for me.

Started my day at 6:00 in the morning. I head over 2 liters of water and a bunch of snacks. I thought this would last the day. It didn’t.

Due to the blisters I was walking about 2 minutes slower per mile. Plus, this was going to be my third day of over 20 miles.

Regardless, toward the end of the trek (8km) it appeared my water would not last. I found myself stopping every shady spot, drop my pack and rest. This worked for while. Within 3 km even this stopped helping. No water, no protein, sun, heat and exhaustion took off.

I hitchhiked the last 1km. Big thanks to driver for helping. Dropped me at pastry shop. Got water & taxi to train station. Took train to Porto. I’m going to stay for two days before heading on to the coastal Camino.

Im hopeful there are more services. More opportunities to stop of stage.

Why? Walking into Santiago de Compostela is so rewarding. I’ll know more about my condition once on the trail.

A nice public art.

After seeing all these Roma tomatoes I as hoping for pizza for dinner. Sorry that did not happen. Darn.

Tomorrow I’ll know more. Hum, life is like that always.

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