My walk to Caldas de Reis

Started around 6:30. City was still asleep & do was I. Missed a turn it two before making it out of the city. The countryside was a welcome change.

Met a gentleman from UK. We shared a few stories. His goal was 40km for the day. Needed in Santiago a day earlier then me. So, we walked at a good pace.

Lost him at first breakfast spot. Enjoyed eggs & potatoes, coffee, and the rest. Just I’m getting ready to leave Sophie walked by.

I meet her on and off over the past few days. Sweet gal from UK. Once again we talked about work, life, and just interesting subjects.

We stopped for a quick refreshment. Off again for she too needed 40km today. Once she is done she is heading to a wedding in South of Spain.

Was sad to part ways. Gave her a Camino pin, a smile and I headed to my hotel. Short rest, off for the worst lunch, and back to hotel. Hope dinner is better.

Nice walk on this part of the trail. No rain for the morning walk.
Need to share this picture of tomatoes. Wish mine looks like this. Next year I’ll learn how to get mine to look like this.

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