Packing List & Reviews

For the most part I carry the same items for all my trips.  Example 90% of the items I carried on the Camino Frances was the same for the Nepal trek.  Where I dropped or added an item I will note it.


I liked the built-in rain cover. It can support in side hydration. A real plus is easy access to where my rain gear will be stored. Center outside zippable pocket. My sleeping bag fixes in the bottle pocket.  There is a place to hang stuff outside. Like, my battery & watch when it needs charging.  Its size keeps one from over packing.

Rain gear

Cost and weight were driving factors.  Another way to think about this, I hope, is this is just insurance.  Rain? I hope not but most likely will see some.  It was easy to get on and off.  And yes I used them in Spain for rain. In Nepal I used them for an extra layer.  I used them when it got cold.


This is the sport tracking watch I have worn for years. I started using it for tracking my running.  It worked great & I loved it.  The data it provided was exactly what I needed at the time. With Trekking it also provided the level of data I wanted. Miles (km), altitude, heat rate (when I wanted), plus temp. "Tempe" was the add-on but I did not like it and gave it was to a fellow trekker (Mark). Tempe was causing the watch to miscount steps.  Not that I'm big on steps per se.  You can spend $1,000+ if you but do ask yourself why?


USED ONLY ON CAMINO - I love these boots. WOW! First you need to understand that I have narrow heals. I was once told I have English feet.  Okay grandparents are from England therefore it sounded correct.  These are the best shoe for someone with feet like me.  No heal raising or blisters. My first pair I walked over 700 miles on them pain free.  Buy them - you will love them.

USED ONLY IN NEPAL - Same as above. This boots are designed for folks like me with narrow heals.  No blisters, heal lift, and no foot bruising.  Each morning when I had to put my boots not a single complaint from my feet. Same at the end of the day. WOW, once again. Get them - you will be happy.


I wore one pair & carried one more. Yup, had to wash a paint almost daily.  They are shorts & long pains.  Easy choice.

I'm a briefs kinda guy. Old school for sure but these work for long trekking. If they get wet they dry fast.  What more does one need. I had a total of three pairs. More then enough.

These t-shirts keep body odor to a minimum. Are fast drying, and overall feel good. Not sure I'd have been as happy without them.  I had a total of three T-shirts. More then enough.


Love this hat.  Not sure I look good in it but its keeps the sun off my face.  It allows the air to flow through cooling me a bit. And in the wind it stays there. Note, I do use a hat clip.  It keeps the hat near at all times.  Plus, I'm pron to leaving stuff behind that's not attached.  Darn.

Walking Sticks

I've had this walking sticks for more years then I can remember.  That is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.  I have grown accustom to them and do not want to lose them. So, for the bad news, every airport security group around the world wants them to be checked.  Not happening. I know to many folks that never saw them again.  I was luck in Spain and had to talk my way through Chain security.  Showed them my old visas and shared about working there.  China Security assigned one of their folks to stay we me till I once on the flight. Super nice.  Check all airport security requirements before leaving.

Passport Safety

I've used this for all my international travels. It just works. Its safe. At time I wear it like a belt.  Causes a rather interesting experience when buying something on the street.  Such is life 😉


Okay why a second music player? Your phone can this and more.  At night when the snoring contests start this overrides that sound.  I keep one hour of sleep music on it. Plus, its easier to charge, light weight, and I like it.

Pixel & Google Fi works in almost the whole world. Check out this page for details. However, do note, when I travel I try to connect with wife via WhatsApp.  Get it and use it. It works great.

This is the battery I carry. Its a bit heavy but it gets the job done. It carries 10500mAh, its rugged rated with Built-in Carabiner Clip and Dual USB connector.  On the Camino it lasts several days without a recharge. Note, my watch will not last the day (GPS running) while I'm walking, so I charge it while walking.  I connect it to the outside of the pack.

Universal Travel Adapter


Regardless of where you go this unit just works.  Its a bit on the big side and can fallout if you are not careful.  Even the wife takes it when she travels internationally.