Signing off

Folks, this Camino has come to an end. A happy ending at that. In light of the troubles I faced at the beginning this is a very happy ending.Yesterday I saw Hannah again. I walked with her for two days. Big smiles from both of us. Saw the folks from VA who I spent a rainy afternoon with. Saw Sophie from UK as she was waiting to get her certificate. Had dinner with Dave from Rhode Island (spelled correctly this time). We shared more if our past & future travels.The pilgrims are a group of people I feel myself around. What other holiday is there that you make friends so easily? None that I know of.We walk, share our story with others, listen to their stories, and we are believers.I’ll be back in the future. I like me here 😁The “Dave’s”

Hannah – I think she is “stalking” 😁. I saw her this morning at the square. We are meeting for dinner later.

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