Walk to Pontevedra

Started after breakfast in hostel. Egg & potato. At first it rained a bit. Enough to require rain jacket. Stopped with one hour. Removed rain gear & long paints.

Meet a mother & daughter team walking along. We shared stories, stopped for coffee a few times. Chatting with them helped the km pass quickly. Nice.

WOW!! Where did all the pilgrims come from? It felt like the number of pilgrims increased 10 fold. It was like bus loads showed up instantly.

I became bed concerned. Booked out the rest of my nights. I don’t really have a problem for I’m not on a limited budget but still don’t want to over pay.

Heading out for lunch. Dinner here starts at 9:00. Too late for me.

Bridge we walked over. Nice view. This the back of the mother daughter team I spent the day with. I liked this view. Umbrellas? Long story for another time.

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