Walk to Santiago de Compostela

I did it! Again!

Day started like normal for me. Lost at first. Found the path within the first mile or so.

At first limited number of pilgrims however the changed quickly. At second stop met a gal from Mexico. She was born in the CA, worked most if life in Oregon. Moved to Mexico and met her husband. Loves the life there. It’s a bit easier I believe.

Parted ways for a but. Thought I was lost but found her heading my way saying, “you’re on the path. Have faith”. Not something we techies believe in if our tech does not agree. I followed her again and was back on track.

Once in Santiago found the pilgrim office. Received my number to be processed. My wait will be 6 hours.

Eat lunch, showered and rested. Heading back to Santiago cathedral to hangout with other pilgrims.

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