Day 9

The morning started out normal. I left the hostel by 7:00 looking for food at a cafe. Once I finish breakfast I realized I forgot my water at the hostel.

once I got underway this morning it actually gave me a peek into what a blue sky looks like. However, that didn’t last long. I spent the afternoon walking in the rain. I really feel drained for some reason. I hope it’s not the rain.

Today was a day of Americans. Ran into a guy from Vermont. And two guys from Santa Rosa, California. All of what about 2 hours away from us.

Lunch stop
second breakfast- one of my favorites

Day 8 – black top & WOW

Today was going to be a short day so I enjoyed a full sit down breakfast. Coffee and all the fixings.

I spent the day basically walking on blacktop through a very industrial area along the river. Not much to see or do. However– I crossed over the river on a elevated ferry. Never seen one of these before. Needless to say it was the highlight of my day. Got into the hostile around noon. Little bit early but that’s okay.

Day 7 – short & sweet

Today started a little on the rough side. It took me about three or four tries to leave the hotel. Forgot my poles, forgot to put on my rain pants, and a bunch of other minor things.

However, once I got on the road it was rainy and overcast and damp and pretty much a trying day from a weather perspective. It was however, a very short day, only five or six miles. I did one hill and then was rewarded with a view of Bilbao.

Down the hotel. Took care of laundry. Found some good food to eat.

Tomorrow I am a tourist. I’ll be heading to the Guggenheim in the morning. And in the afternoon. I’ll just walk around and see the sites.

Day 6 – rain & company

They give an update on what day five was like. I spent the day going up and down the hills again but the weather was perfect. The views were outstanding. And I had the company of a young Spanish man the whole day.

We shared stories and just had a great day walking along enjoying the views taking care.

That was the good news. For Carlos had blisters that made his feet look like hamburger. He also had sunburn that looked almost level two sunburns.

He was in trouble. When I last saw him. I’d pushed them towards a cab stand and encouraged him to take the taxi to his next hotel. And then in the next day seek either medical help or head home.

I spent the previous night with a whole bunch of pilgrims in the bar laughing and telling stories. It was very rewarding. The morning came and I had it off to get breakfast. First. Note to self you got to do better with food in the morning. You can’t just head over the hill. Hoping to find a cafe.

After I headed out of town, the rain picked up and I spent a fair amount of time on what I consider to be rather slippery slopes. The views were nothing to report about and I think I did not take a single picture.

At one point the choice was going up a slippery dirt hill or head down a bike path. I waited for the Pilgrim behind me to catch up and sought his advice. I said if you head up the dirt path, I’ll follow you. Otherwise, I’m heading down the bike path. So for the next 2 hours, him and I walked along the bike path and shared stories. He’s from Columbia but currently living in Spain and I think he’s a social media influencer with a photography business.

To check out his work.

Finish my walk in the company of a German lady I’ve been seeing on and off for the last few days. I finally got to my hotel and she took a seat scratched her head and said nope. I’m continuing on to Bilbao.

I’m in the hotel relaxing taking care of Dave.

Day 4 – oops

The day started out with a bit of trying news. I thought the other day I booked a room on the next stage so I’d be right on the trail in the morning. However, I booked a room 30 km away from the start. Therefore I had to take a bus to the starting point and didn’t take off until 8:30. That’s at least 2 hours behind my normal starting time.

Overall the day, was again, just uphill and uphill and uphill. I did spend the morning hanging out with a German gal and we talked about some fun stuff.

I did run across the two other German gal from the other day. They were quite surprised to see me again before they assume that I’d be at least 2 hours in advance of them.

The scenery was just breathtaking today. Rolling Hills, farm houses, cows, and horses was the view of the day.

The day was kind of surprisingly long. I arrived at the hostel around 4:30 in the afternoon. Was able to quickly take a shower and freshen up and head out to the outdoors to enjoy a couple of beers. Now I’m waiting for dinner.

I did hang out with a bunch of Sherman people today. That seems to be the pilgrims on the trail today, although did meet a couple of gentlemen from Norway

My last view of the Atlantic for four dayd
It’s good to be back in the land of Aquarius with lemon

Day 3 – I see hills everywhere

Well at last I had a good night’s sleep. Only woke up once.

The day started out like normal. You know 7:00 a.m. I miss the cafe. I headed up the hill and finally found a place for breakfast. And a few hours later. Second breakfast.

It was a day of Hills and valleys up and down up and down.

It’s been a day of walking by myself. Enjoying the sites and sounds.

Breakfast #2
Example of road shead

I have three more days of hills. I’m slowing down my pass & trying to stay on stage.

Day 2 – muscles do have memory

The day started off rough. People came into the hostel at 5:30 am and woke me up. Not a good start.

After getting lost getting to the Camino trail I spent over an hour doing this.

Once on the trail it was very nice. Kind of drizzly but overall the temperature was great. Around 10C at 13C all day.

Ended up walking with two young gals from Germany. We spent the day just sharing lots of meaningless stuff but what I found most refreshing is both of these gals were IT consultants and we did not talk about tech. I like that & them.

One of them is Ukrainian by background. We tried to not explore that topic either – duh.

My legs reminded me this morning of what we did yesterday. Lots of uphill and downhill and it was trying. My legs remember.

But after a few kilometers in my legs forgot and I got back into enjoying this walk.

A few pictures:

First Camino sign.

Lunch of topaz
Walked down the street for a topaz & beer dinner
The gals I spent the day. A great looking crew!

Day 1 – on the road again

It’s been quite an interesting day. I started the morning around 6:30 a.m. after an evening of being unable to sleep, basically at all.

In the morning it was drizzling kind of lightly. However, it was quite easy walking and I was able to get my first breakfast before I left France. I do love tortilla.

Walk through a room basically through the downtown area. Found a couple of other pilgrims heading up into the hills. Sidebar, the whole day was uphill downhill. This was a pretty tough day.

Late in the morning I came across two gals walking the Camino together. One was from Lyon and the other was from Burgos. However, this was their first Camino together. They only had, I think, about a week to spend on the Camino but I enjoyed their company. We crossed the river together in a ferry. Seat and enjoyed a beverage overlooking a river.

Tonight I’m in a shared dorm room. Six beds. All of them currently empty. However, I don’t think that’ll last. Note, I have not had lunch yet in the outlook for dinner is not promising. For today is a holiday and the super mercado is closed

My first Camino sign – a happy moment

A St James house

Street art

The gals from Spain I spent the day walking with.

Day -1

A few details of how I got here is warranted.

I flew from SFO via french bee. A discount airline. Service was as expected. Landed at Orly. Short train trip to hotel near train station in Paris. In the morning I took a train to Hendaye France. Nice 4+ trip. A 30 minute walk to the hotel, Green Nest Hostel Uba Aterpetxea for the night.

I start my Camino tomorrow.

View from hotel