Day 33

I’m in Finisterra at the hotel. I still have 3 km to the end of the world.


This picture says it all. Take a close look at the numbers. I’m done. The next step I took was towards home.

In a few months I hope to understand and grok what I did. I’m still to close to it to truly understand.

Heading home tomorrow. I take a bus from Finisterra in the morning to Santiago. Over night in Santiago. Take the train from Santiago to Barcelona on Tuesday. I have Wednesday free to tour Barcelona. On Thursday I fly non stop to Oakland.

I will stop blogging as my agenda is simple. I see nothing worth writing about.

Some closing thoughts:

This a unique experience. It’s not like any other thing I’ve done. I have backpacked on the east & west coasts. But never walked this much in one effort.

The Camino, to me, is the people you meet. Staying in the albergues allows you to interact with people from all over the world. With different backgrounds and goals. Some are lost and seeking an answer. Other, like me, want to define a transition. Some for religious reasons others non-religious reasons. Some just enjoy walking with friends There are a thousands why’s.

There’s lots of solitude. Time to think and refection. You walk alone if you want or not.

If by blogging I have inspired you to think about walking/biking the Camino then I’ve been rewarded. And if invited to join you I’ll be there.

I will be back. The Camino fits my soul.

Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim


Day 32

A nice walk today. A mix of blacktop and hilly trails.


Walked past Paul while he was in a cafe. I missed it. Oops. We hook up at the next cafe. Only cost me his lunch.


We stopped in a town called “Hospital”. Not a name folks like me acceptable.


We have only 27k tomorrow. Then I’m done. Kinda sad a bit. For I have enjoyed this more then words, my words that is, can explain.


Tomorrow, end of the world!


Day 31

Restful night at the hostel. Off to an early start. We left at 6:20. It was going to be a long day and it was.

First, my feet and legs did not want to cooperate. Lots of pain and stiffness. Within an hour all was back to normal.

Nice walk in the hills.


Not much in the way of services. First cafe was 7k and the second one was another 7k.

Of interest was the small number of pilgrims. Almost none compared to before Santiago. I think I saw only one in the AM.


Another bad internet albergue. Sorry all.


Day 30

A day of rest and reflection.


Those who said, “I love you”:

Natalia – my loving and supportive wife.

Barbara – sister. Will not allow me to get off a call without saying this.

Katie & Franny – my wonderful kids. I wish one day they would walk this path and learn as I have.

Camino brother

Paul – I have enjoyed his navigation and friendship so much. A true friend and companion.

The Teacher

Marion – can’t say enough good things about her. She was always 1 to 2 days behind however we chatted via WhatsApp.

Tech support and constant contact

Bill. Always willing to help and check in on me almost daily. Thanks for being there.

Foot doctor & data source:

Ione – the voice in my head saying “take care of your health and it’s not a race”

Good friends who shared kind words

Almost too many to list but …

Steve and Marie

Rich and Jacki



Andrea & Sergei

All my FB buddies who “liked” and or left comments.

And all those reading my blog. I know you’re here & enjoying.

My day

Breakfast and laundry. Back to pilgrim office for details on how to get to Finisterra.

Went to the pilgrim service. Saw the swinging of the botafumeiro. That was special. Sat with the two sisters from the Czech Republic.


Good to see them again. Once again we just laughed about nothing.

Tomorrow I’m off again. Yahoo!

Day 29

I’m in Santiago. Walked for 26k. A weird day in that the way was very crowded. Lots of pilgrims on the road. More in one sighting then other whole days.


It started raining on the way in town. Found the pilgrim office. My wait was 1 hour but well worth it. The gal that helped me was from Dublin, CA. S all world.

I’m here for the next two days then off to Finisterra. A small town on the coast. Also called “the end of the world” in olden days. It’s a 3 day walk.

I need to be in Barcelona on the 25 for return flight.


As it’s was raining the other day I was reminded of walking to elementary school in the rain. I had to wear a yellow slicker and rubber boots. All as chiclets had to wait for the mother hen to let us cross the street. Wasn’t there another color? A different style? Anything other then looking like the rest? No wonder in middle school and high school when it rain I arrived wet.


Day 28