Day 1 – on the road again

It’s been quite an interesting day. I started the morning around 6:30 a.m. after an evening of being unable to sleep, basically at all.

In the morning it was drizzling kind of lightly. However, it was quite easy walking and I was able to get my first breakfast before I left France. I do love tortilla.

Walk through a room basically through the downtown area. Found a couple of other pilgrims heading up into the hills. Sidebar, the whole day was uphill downhill. This was a pretty tough day.

Late in the morning I came across two gals walking the Camino together. One was from Lyon and the other was from Burgos. However, this was their first Camino together. They only had, I think, about a week to spend on the Camino but I enjoyed their company. We crossed the river together in a ferry. Seat and enjoyed a beverage overlooking a river.

Tonight I’m in a shared dorm room. Six beds. All of them currently empty. However, I don’t think that’ll last. Note, I have not had lunch yet in the outlook for dinner is not promising. For today is a holiday and the super mercado is closed

My first Camino sign – a happy moment

A St James house

Street art

The gals from Spain I spent the day walking with.

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