Day 11

Today started out just quite nice. Went to breakfast down the street with my German and French lady.

After that we started up the hill covered in mud is forever and forever. Once we hit the summit of views for breathtaking and had to work our way down the mud covered tracks .

There was only one hill today for the rest of the day was just super. We ate some light second breakfast in this little town and then proceeded to walk two or three kilometers along the beach .

We found a ferry to take us across to the next town. Met up with a guy from Vermont that we’ve been passing over the past few days. Note he is one of 500 triple crown hikers. Very

He stopped short and I assured him that we would see him again in the next day or two cuz he’s got some legs on him.

So stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A French lady, a German man, and an American man enter a bar. I have so enjoyed the richness of the cultural exchanges I’ve had on this trip. From the French lady to a German guy to folks from the Netherlands to folks from Germany, it’s been wild. I think this is one of the main reasons I enjoy walking the Camino. Not only the views and the solitude but also the in exchange of cultural ideas and histories. And basically what’s going on in the world so thank you Camino

We had a rather long day 24 km. Tomorrow we’re going to shoot for 20. Looks like we’ve got rain in the future.

It’s all good. I’m having a great time.

Ennsteo got tired of walking

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