Day 12 & 13 & 14

Both of these days just ran into each other. I spent the day with my Camino family, and from Paris, and Ernst from Germany.

If we weren’t walking, we were talking about this or that. Really nothing of interest to others. However, I did discover that between the three of us, if one of us did something or said something that was funny. The other two just followed suit.

I’ve decided my Camino family superpower was uncontrollable laughter .

We stayed at one hostel. It was just a super super place to be. It had the Camino feel to it everywhere.

Once in Sandander Ann wanted to bus forward to a tourist place. Ernst, due to a bad fall a few days back wanted to slow down so I proceeded by myself.

So I spent the day walking by myself. Basically listening to the dogs bark and enjoying the walk & view.

To my surprise after I found out one albergue was closed and went back to the street; sort of scratching my head thinking where to go. A Pilgrim from a few days before Bilbo popped his head out of the cafe across the street and yelled by name. He put a smile on my face that lasted the rest of the day. Wow. Him and his wife were able to find me an albergue another 4 km up the road and it called to ensure that they were open. It’s so nice to see if familiar face on a long walk day.

Getting closer
Street tile

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