Day 17

Everyday so far this Camino has started the same. I wake up with a big smile on my face, excitement in my heart, and looking forward to what the day brings. Today started out kind of rainy & overcast. Yet, we still managed to follow the road, enjoy the day and continue our walk .

For lunch. We stopped at this delightful little cafe with lots of people enjoying the day. Lunch was 15€ three-course meal. Very very nice. Note. I’m eating way too many carbs on this trip and it’ll be lucky if I don’t add 5 lb .

Ensto and I have found each other’s company delightful. His stride and mine is in alignment. However heading uphill he always manages to power up. Note, Ernesto is 4 years older. Not upsetting but of concern. 🙂

Halfway there – maybe

I’ve been having a hard time getting pictures uploaded. The problem appears to be in the naming of the files. WordPress does not allow special characters in the file name. Darn.

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