Day 2 – muscles do have memory

The day started off rough. People came into the hostel at 5:30 am and woke me up. Not a good start.

After getting lost getting to the Camino trail I spent over an hour doing this.

Once on the trail it was very nice. Kind of drizzly but overall the temperature was great. Around 10C at 13C all day.

Ended up walking with two young gals from Germany. We spent the day just sharing lots of meaningless stuff but what I found most refreshing is both of these gals were IT consultants and we did not talk about tech. I like that & them.

One of them is Ukrainian by background. We tried to not explore that topic either – duh.

My legs reminded me this morning of what we did yesterday. Lots of uphill and downhill and it was trying. My legs remember.

But after a few kilometers in my legs forgot and I got back into enjoying this walk.

A few pictures:

First Camino sign.

Lunch of topaz
Walked down the street for a topaz & beer dinner
The gals I spent the day. A great looking crew!

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