Day 6 – rain & company

They give an update on what day five was like. I spent the day going up and down the hills again but the weather was perfect. The views were outstanding. And I had the company of a young Spanish man the whole day.

We shared stories and just had a great day walking along enjoying the views taking care.

That was the good news. For Carlos had blisters that made his feet look like hamburger. He also had sunburn that looked almost level two sunburns.

He was in trouble. When I last saw him. I’d pushed them towards a cab stand and encouraged him to take the taxi to his next hotel. And then in the next day seek either medical help or head home.

I spent the previous night with a whole bunch of pilgrims in the bar laughing and telling stories. It was very rewarding. The morning came and I had it off to get breakfast. First. Note to self you got to do better with food in the morning. You can’t just head over the hill. Hoping to find a cafe.

After I headed out of town, the rain picked up and I spent a fair amount of time on what I consider to be rather slippery slopes. The views were nothing to report about and I think I did not take a single picture.

At one point the choice was going up a slippery dirt hill or head down a bike path. I waited for the Pilgrim behind me to catch up and sought his advice. I said if you head up the dirt path, I’ll follow you. Otherwise, I’m heading down the bike path. So for the next 2 hours, him and I walked along the bike path and shared stories. He’s from Columbia but currently living in Spain and I think he’s a social media influencer with a photography business.

To check out his work.

Finish my walk in the company of a German lady I’ve been seeing on and off for the last few days. I finally got to my hotel and she took a seat scratched her head and said nope. I’m continuing on to Bilbao.

I’m in the hotel relaxing taking care of Dave.

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