Day -the end

This Camino has come to an end. I’ve lost count of the days. I have not forgotten the experiences or friends I made.

The weather was better than expected. I had limited rain or gray days. Even on those days I enjoyed the weather.  For as a northern Californian weather is rare. I had thunderstorms, lighting, light rain and gray days. Not normal for me.

I had blue skies, broken clouds, and a bit of fog thrown in. 

What is the mature pilgrim? This is a generalization for sure. 1. They are educated. Doctors, lawyers, engineers (like me), managers, medical professionals and business owners. 2. Have traveled a bunch. One young German gal said, “you sound like you have traveled” to me. I said yes and informed her I had been to 24 countries. “So little?”. Well for an American I think this is a lot. What do I know. 3. And the most important thing is that we like to share our stories. Evening conversation is always lively.

As I sit on the train heading home I’m already missing my friends.

I have started planning my turn.

Buen Camino

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