Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A few questions and answer that should help you while reading my blogs

Trekking versus backpacking versus walking?

As I define them:

  • Trekking - Multi-day walking with all your gear less a tent & cooking needs. In other words I overnight in established housing. Be it a room in a hostel, a bed in a albergue, tea house, or  hotel.
  • Backpacking - You carry everything needed for multi-day walks including a tent or some such thing for housing, cooking utensils & food, and all the gear you need for a trek.
  • Walks - a day pack with limited gear.   You start from home or hotel and end the day in the same place.

What gear to take?

Depends on the style of trip.  For trekking my list is included here.

Travel insurance - do I need?

Of course the answer depends on you and the trip.  For Nepal & the Himalayas it was required. I selected World Nomads. Cost was acceptable and the benefits were excellent. I did not need any of them. Still worth the cost.

For the Camino Frances I took the risk of going without. Was lucky on that trip.