Grand Canyon April 2021



Next Adventure on its way

I’m picking up a friend at the SAC airport today for my next adventure. We are heading up to Yellowstone National park for a week of RV’ing and day hikes. I do not plan on blogging but might add a few good pictures. Provided I get them.

Once that trip has come to an end, I’ll be dropping from my friend at the airport in Bozeman, MT and 15 minutes later I pick up my neighbor and we are off to Portland to start waking the Oregon Coastal Trial. Its a 406 mile walk down the coast. We’ll be hiking and camping for the most part. I will be blogging and adding pictures as I can.

Map & Details

Note – A fellow rafter just completed this walk and had a great time. We have spoken with him and picked up lots of pointers. Big thanks to Chip.POSTED ONEDIT”GRAND CANYON WESTERN RIVER WHITE WATER RAFTING”

Grand Canyon Western River White Water Rafting

So, how does one start a short story? Its starts with a phone call from my neighbor David. “Hey, you want to raft the grand canyon?” What a nice way to start an adventure. ~4 weeks later we are waiting for the Western River outfitters to pick us up at Marble Canyon hotel.

Normally, I would give a day by day — blow by blow description but in this case its not the right approach. Why? For each day was just like the previous day with very minor changes. So I’ll share a typical day.

Raise with the sun. We slept on a cot outside under the stars. I would start collecting bedding, cot, clothing, personal hygiene, and all my person items. Stow all stuff in one of two bags. Each my big dry bad or a small dry day bug.

Breakfast HORN – breakfast was eggs, bacon, toast, potato, juice, coffee and a host of other wonderful food. The last day we even had eggs benedict.

After cleaning plates & cup we then lot the boats by what would best be described as a fire line. Big bags handed over to the next person. This would continue till the boat was loaded.

Then it was a day of enjoyed the sights of the canyon. The staff would share history and lots of fun & cool stores of explores from the past.

The other travels ranged from a guy that’s been there done that. He had complete all 7 mountains, the Tour Du Mont Blanc and just about everything on my list. A super nice couple from Utah. He had walked a bunch on the PCT. The real interesting fact about him was he just complete my next hike and has been sharing lots of good info. Others of note, two doctors, one lawyer (enjoyed chatting with him in the evenings – super bright., a Gardner from Washington state & his son , and a collection of teens. A couple from everywhere. The back story was he was just laid off into retirement. I think they were living on the top of their car. These guys were the best. All easy to be with.

Rapid Ahead! The crew would prepare us for the white water. Most were “seat and pay attention.” Easy enough. The only drawback was the water temperature. It was 52 F all the time. So cold it got your attention. Regardless of your state of mind once the water hit you, you focused on everything. Or better yet how to avoid the next wave.

A few rapids were of size such that everyone was seated & ready became of interest. On the biggies you would hear, “Suck Rubber!” I would plant my face on the boat hoping to avoid the big wave heading our way. Once on the other side of the rapid we’d celebrate in unison.

Lunch was on the side of the river. For the most part is was great fillings for sandwiches. Plus it was time for a restroom break. Also a moment to enjoy the scenery.

Evening – set up sleeping needs, wait for the dinner bell, and the most trying of all tasks — take a quick bath in the river. Did I tell you the water is 52F. The bath was dunk, get out of the water and soap up, and the dunk again. I finished by running to the shore.

Once in bed I would spent my time enjoying the stars and satellites and shooting stars.

I had a outstanding trip thanks to the staff and all my follow travelers. Should you do this? Yes, there was all age ranges and abilities. So, yes. go.

Your Senior Trekker – Dave