Nepal Three Pass Trek


Day – 17 wait for flight

Up at 5:00. Not sure why.

Some random thoughts.

  1. Paid $15 to charge my battery. Lasted 2 days due to cold.
  2. Something always needs to be charged. Phone, mp3 player, watch, and or battery.
  3. Packed correct clothing for I did not get cold on the mountain nor in the teahouses.
  4. The higher up the mountain the more goods cost. Duh.
  5. Sad to say I’m getting use to non Western toilet. A skill I was not hoping to aquire.
  6. Good food; bad food; you eat for calories.
  7. Always share a smile and kind word with others. Friends are found anywhere & anytime.

At times when heading up toward the passes I would come to a complete stop. Hunched over my poles hopeful to find enough oxygen to feed my muscles. My internal energy reserves below zero. Unsure I’d be able to lift my foot again.

I now know what the phase, “dig deep” means. If I want to see my wife again – MOVE!

I have spent my life as a nomad. Move for work, a better life, and for whatever reason. I now define home as where my wife is. She is my home. I need to nothing else. Home.

Trekking community

Trekkers are a group of people I can identify with. We come from all over the world for lots of different reasons. At a minimum we all enjoy walking, shouldering our burden, and seeing the sights. From sunrise at a pass, fog covered forest, seeing lakes that look like clouds, and whatever comes our way. We are a happy group of travelers.

We favor function over fashion. Yet, our fashion is great. We look like folks going someplace.

We walk with a smile on our face, curiosity in our hearts and minds, and a peacefulness in our soul.

I enjoy the sunshine dancing on face, the wind playing with my hair, and the sound of boot hitting the path. I feel connected to the world around me.

My thoughts are free of day to day needs. I’m at peace in my soul. Time to think about whatever I wish. I spend most of my time enjoying the past. I do make room for thoughts of the future, too.

In the distance I hear the call of a yak bell.


Day 16 – Luka

Overcast day. Breakfast at 7:00. Then walk.

The walk was for the most was very relaxing. Some downhill and some uphill. After lunch it started raining. Plus, it was all uphill. Pants & boots soaked. No chance they’ll dry here. It’s damp everywhere.

Found it hard to fall asleep. Not sure why.


Day 15

It’s raining. Started around 3 am. I’m glad to see weather again.

Okay, now it’s snowing.

Had a great walk down the mountain. The day went from snow to rain to fog. Great weather for a nice long walk.

Over night in Namche Bazaar. Went to an Irish pub. Met tow gals from Poland who climbed up Island Peak. Very impressive. Played pool, had a few drinks, and basically celebrated our achievement.

Met a gal from Germany who has been working in the States for sometime. Dog walker in NYC, other work in Denver. How is taking time off to see the world. Very impressive.


Day 14 – last pass

Today we have the gain 2,000 feet of elevation. The first 500 ft were easy to gain in that we walked along a hillside looking down into a lake that was ice covered. Almost looked like we were looking down on clouds. Then it got challenging. The next 1500 ft felt straight up as we serpentined through the mountain.

Made the pass. Big celebration! Enjoy the view, took a picture and then started downhill.

Downhill turned out to be just unbelievable in that we just walked for what felt like miles and miles never seen any sign of a tea house.

Arrived at the tea house about 2:00 in the afternoon. Had lunch. Headed off to my room. And took a much needed rest. Dinner was at 7. I’m now back in the room getting ready to curl up under the sleeping bag and blanket. Breakfast will be at 7:00 tomorrow. If all goes well we will be at Namsha bizarre mid day.


Day 14 – Renjo pass

O% = 85.

We should hit 17,700 today.


Day 13

O% = 86. At the lower elevation is easier.

Room temp 40. I’ve seen worst.

Short walk over glacier today. Only 2.5 hours. When I think glacier, I think Cobalt blue eyes and snow a white tops, however, that’s not the case here. It looks like just rock and more rocks.

Water = friend & enemy. Friend, as I have to drink 3 liters per day to prevent altitude headaches. Enemy, as 3 times a night I have to make my to the restroom. No easy answer.


Day 12 – Cho la (pass)

We started at 6:00. We walked for a couple hours then had to add crampons and gators to our attire. It was all uphill.

I feel like a marathoner at the 18th mile. I have no fuel or energy left in me. Yet I have miles to go.

My lack of appetite is either Dimox or the altitude or both. I get winded packing my bag. Even walking to the restaurant for breakfast I get winded.

Once on top of the pass I felt great. Lots of trekkers. I place a pray flag for my sister Barbara & I.

The walk down from the pass was an adventure in it’s self. I slid on my butt in a gravely part of the trail. The real trying part was the distance. Long down hills are just as trying as long uphills.


Day 11 – an easy day

O% = 75. Not good. Room temp was 41.The correct spelling for is Síofra

How many mountains must man climb before they call him a man. The answer my friend is blowing in the wind.


  1. Every cigarette I ever smoked
  2. Everyday I missed gym class
  3. Not training with an oxgen mask
  4. Not training more
  5. Not doing this sooner

Age analysis:

The walk to EDC I was in the 5% group or maybe 10%. For the high pass trek I’m it. No one is older.


Everest Basecamp!

Day 10. EBC or bust

O% = 82. Hanging in there.

A hard walk to where we’re going to stay tonight. We’re going to eat lunch and then head up to EBC.

Been there; done that!

The Camino was a tail or a trek of people, churches, and towns.

This track is all about altitude and pace The story of this track is hidden in those details.

Lunch time.

Met this gal at Kathmandu immigration. She was going to be trekking with Dad, his friends, and her brother she had not seen in a year. When we passed we always shared supportive words.

Met this gal at the Chuangzhou airport. Every time we passed she had a big smile & supportive words. So kind. She was from Canada.


Day 9 – kongma la pass

Hardest day of trip. 9 hours of up and down. I fell twice, not damage. New personal trekking record of 18,100 feet.Kennedy speech has been in my head all day “we do this and the other things not because it’s easy but because it’s hard”This is hard. Very hard.Today I tied three pray flags at the top of the pass. Fir my mom who I still miss, my dad who I hardly knew but wish I did, and my sister who I could not figure out how to help. I know they walk together as a family.O% = 67 at the top. Wow that’s a low number.


Day 8

Room temp 39

O% = 85. About time

We walked a short distance today. The vegetation is changing almost every step. This am bushes were maybe 1 to 2 feet high. Now 6 inches at best. Brown in color.

All the trekking up to now have been in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will go over our first pass. Can’t wait.

Today today was our first day where we lost the large trekking teams that were all heading directly to Everest base camp. The solitude has been refreshing and rewarding. I get to spend more time with myself. I need to focus on each step.

There are some folks I’ve enjoyed chatting with.

A guy from NJ. Works in environment clean up consulting.

Once we reached the hotel it was only 10 am. So off we walked. It turned to our longest day.

New attitude record 17,600. Won’t last long. Tomorrow we head over 18k

Need a good night’s sleep in order to be ready.

O% after dinner is 80%. To be expected.


Day 7 – acclimation day

O% = 90%. First reading was 75. Took a few more and saw 90.

Room temp this am was 39. Let’s face it a trip to restroom take courage and commitment.

Nice breakfast of eggs, potatoes, and toast. It’s become my go to breakfast.

I walked up to 16,000. A new personal trekking record. However if all goes well it won’t stand. On this trek I could see over 18,000 ft.

I downloaded “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven. I plan on listening to it when at EBC. I like this plan.

Note, I have to sleep with all my electronics in the hope that the batteries will survive.


Day 6

O% = 90. Not sure why I’m not seeing a change. Today we increase altitude a bit. We’ll see.In Tengboche at 12,660 ft. This an we walk to Dingboche at 14,464 Walk completed by 1:30. Nice day insomuch no heart beats over limit. Yahoo. Acclimation is working.Its hard walking, my legs move with much effort, breathing take energy, and I’m finding it hard to keep my heart rate in check. Every up hill finds me taking lots of breaks to catch my breath. I’m either hot in the sun or cold in the shade or wind. Life as a trekker a life of focused effort.Reward?I spend most of my day in wonder of the natural beauty, I feel connected to this world & myself. I’m so alive. Each moment stands on it’s own. My spirit sores. At times tears of joy are just below the surface.Do I miss my wife; sure, home yes. If I could teleport myself home by clicking my heals I won’t. This moment is mine, this effort is mine, this accomplish is mine.


Everest in the background


Day 5 – walking to Tyangboche

O% = 91. Still looking good.

Sleep well last night.

I’m walking in the valley if giants. The peaks are amazing. Every turn there’s a new view.

Lots of trekkers heading down the hill wearing Everest t-shirts. Not my style. Besides I’m after the passes.

Kept heart & breathing under control better. Still a few moments when it got away.

Health report: legs strong, heart rock solid, breathing solid.


Namche Walking

Easy yet hard at times. Kinda like life if you think about.

Day 4 – acclimation day

O% = 93. Looking good

Found it hard falling asleep last night. Assume it was due to altitude.

Today we are heading to Sherpa museum and Everest View hotel. Should be back in hotel for lunch. Then a bit of shopping this afternoon. I need crampons & gaiters.

My crew from left to right. Paul, Shefra (spelling is wrong, I’ll fix later), Been our outstanding guide, me, and Mark.

Back at hotel. Took a shower that my friend Paul from Camino would understand. It’s was either hot or cold. Nothing in the middle. Trying.

Did a much better job control my heart & breathing today. This worked much better.

Saw Mt Everest for a minute. Happy.


Day 3 – Namch bazzar

Sleep very well last night. Woke a few times but drifted back to sleep easy. Room temp this am was 56f. Great sleeping weather.

Dinner last night stayed vegetarian. Food was simple but tasty. Light conversation for all were tired.

“We walk from here!”

O% = 93 looking good. Same when I arrived. So far oxgen levels are holding. Yahoo!


Day 2 – waiting/travel/walking

Up at 1:45 am. Packed all my stuff and in the lobby at 2. Four hour drive on a road best described as potholes connected with road on occasion. Add to that mountainous conditions and I did not rest a bit.

Passed two trucks wheels up. Not a reassuring sight. No guard rail & 1000 foot drops.

Arrived at Sha airport. It’s open but Lukla not. So walk, eat, and sit.

After 2 hours planes started leaving. Still 100+ folks waiting. I know we will leave within the hour.


Flight was less stressful then the van ride. Still a bit bumpy. Landing was fast and stopped fast. Sad new, the wracked plane was just off the tarmac.

Lunch first then we walk to Pakding. And yes, I’m now a vegetarian. Safer up here.

Walk was mostly down hill with a few reminders that up is the name of this game.

I feel a deep sense of peace within myself when boots are hitting the path and I have shoulder my burden. Both physical & spiritually. I walk with a smile knowing I’m in the company of kindred spirits.

My follow trekkers are Mark from Anaheim. A bar keep with a much deeper story. He’s travel Europe & the states mostly hiking, camping, or just having fun. I’ll learn more as time passes.

Then there’s a guy & gal from Ireland. She’s 25 & Berry is, not sure yet. They meet at a music event 10 months ago and have huge travel plans. After Everest, they head to Bali for a month then on to New Zealand for a year.

Not internet tonight. Plus loading picture might have to wait till I’m home. Had no luck last night at a nice hotel. We’ll see.

The trail was busy with trekkers mostly heading up. It’s their peak season. Best guess is that there about 700 people at base camp. Done 300 plus with hopes of summit.

I’m happy , tired, ready for dinner and sleep.


Day 2 – 2:00 AM

In the lobby waiting for shuttle to airport. We have a 4 hour drive before flight to Lukla Tenzing-Hillary Airport.

Guide & other trekkers showing up.

In lobby oxygen = 95%.


Day 1 tour

Slept well. Woke at 3 but drifted back to sleep. Feeling good starting the day.

My trekking crew will a young couple from Ireland & Mark from Anaheim. Each one of my trekking buds is half my age. We’ll see who reaches the top first.

Tour crew.

Saw a few Buddhist temples.


Day 1

I have lost this post 3x. Something weird going on night.


Blog plan

1. Daily however will only post with WiFi

2. Report morning & evening oxygen %.

3. Log altitude am & pm

4. Health report. I’m assuming you’ll hear legs fine & feeling great type of news

5. I hope less introspection. Most folks who read my last blog wanted more info about follow travelers. I’ll try.

Local time is GMT+5:45. Weird. I’d change that for sure if I was King.

I’m in Kathmandu!

So, after a good night’s sleep my memory of the journey appears to be fading. This is good.At first blush Kathmandu appears to city in need of zoning & building codes.


At chuangzhou

At the airport waiting for connection flight. First issue – my trekking pole caused a big security issue. Wanted me to check them. Told them no time. Had security walk me to gate.

At gate, no plane. Plus security watching me. Not happy yet.

Remaining hopeful.


Landed wrong airport

Darn. Weather in Guangzhou was very bad. Redirected to Nanning Wuxu. Some 350 miles away.

Current plan – stay on plane. Hope to fly back. So there may be some good news. My connecting flight is not till 3:40 pm. It’s currently 6 am. I might still make it.

Other then that trip has been okay.

Look for an update later today.

Staying optimistic.



Yes, flights are much cheaper here then SAC. That’s the good news. The bad news is it can be trying getting to SFO.

Wife left for work at 9 am. There I was with a midnight flight. Drop wife off, lunch with a friend, and drop wife’s car off.

Now at SFO with 6 hours to spare. Can’t even check in for another 2 plus hours.

My total fly time is a bit over 20 hours. I think that’s my record. I did 19 hours to New Delhi a few years back.

My pack should look the same for it’s the Camino pack. 36L Startos from Osprey.POSTED ONAPRIL 14, 2019

Three Pass Pre-Trip Update

Hello all – Dave here and I’m three days to the trek begins. I was unable to get the new site up and running before heading out the door. Darn – it was going to be great. I’ll work on it once I’m back.

Training: Starting in January I went to the gym 3 times a week. 30 minutes on the stair stepper, upper body work, and lots of time in the sauna thinking. Not sure how thinking will help but I’m hopeful it will. Maybe just the memories of how hot it can get will help.

Gear: Most of the Camino Frances gear will be on this trek however there were a few new items needed. Do checkout my gear page Mostly new gear for the cold.

Travel: I’ll be flying via South China Airlines I found the flight via If you have not used them do give them a try. Easy to use and lots of options for looking for low cost travel.

Outfitters: Nepal Hiking Team – they have the best reviews on Trip Advisor . I exchanged a few emails with them and booked it. I’ll be trekking with two couples (ages 35 – 50). Hope I don’t slow them down.

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